4/5 Stars!!This was my first time reading Elizabeth Heathcote’s work. And I am very happy with Undertow. It’s got a dark feel to it, there’s drama and there’s suspense -though one that isn’t as razor-sharp as I wished it would be.
The books follows the story of a happily-married couple, Carmen and Tom. However, the narration slowly converts to Carmen’s curiosity about her husband’s ex-girlfriend’s skeptical death. She therefore dives into an adventure to seek the truth about Zena, the woman who came before her, while taking unimaginable risks and preparing to lie to those around her in order to find out the truth. How did Zena die? Can she trusts her friends? Can she trust this new family that she married into? Are her endeavors leading her directly to what she desires or right into plain danger itself? Will the truth set her free or destroy her?
There is no doubt that Heathcote’s writing is captivating and thrilling.

In Undertow,the suspense might not hit you instantly but it features gradually as it’s described vividly throughout the story in a way it’ll give you vertigo.

In the beginning, you might think you know the truth, because of the presence of too much focus on early facts and clues that could lead to a certain theory, but the author created a twist so shocking I couldn’t bring myself to absorb it.
As I have mentioned, this thriller isn’t violent or disturbing. But the characters can be very relatable, especially Carmen’s. I loved Carmen. She’s strong and vulnerable, she lacks confidence but doesn’t often let it show, although she’s ready to do anything to satisfy her demands. Also, I appreciate that the author forges powerful subjects that matter like family relationships, what it takes to tear them down or strengthen them even more.
This read is perfect for fans of thrillers like Paris’ The Breakdown and Delaney’s The Girl Before. If you enjoyed those, Undertow will be the perfect addition.
Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harlequin for providing me with an advanced reading copy of Undertow in exchange for an honest review.


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