The story follows the protagonist Rachel Childs’ quest to uncover the identity of her father despite her mother’s endeavors to keep it away from her. After she meets her new husband, she becomes aware that he is not who he says he is. And then the suspense takes place and twists start to emerge.
Since We Fell begins with a slow start, unraveling Rachel’s struggles investigating who her father is. Throughout the first 250-300 pages (right before Chapter 23: Dark), the writing continues on the same slow pace and it starts to sound a little like Maria Semple’s Today Will Be Different, but you get to admire Rachel’s character, therefore begin to be immersed in her story and become eager to find out what happens to her eventually.
This was my first Lehane book. I loved everything about it. Though I wished the author could have spent more time on some parts in the story rather than others. Anyhow, I loved how Dennis creates his characters, especially Rachel.. I liked her and was ready to learn more about her. Also. the author’s writing is unique, and I’d love to read his future work.

I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s gripping and engrossing and everything a psychological thriller needs.


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