Twenty years ago, a well-known serial killer – referring to himself as The Prophet – went on a complete killing spree in the Bay Area, leaving cuts and carved Mercury signs on his victims’ flesh.
And now, he’s back. With newer skills and plans for the city he has once left for good.
Caitlin Hendrix takes on the investigation – the same one that destroyed her father a long time ago- and is determined to solve the case as the killer continues to send her messages that she’s compelled to decode, along with mind games The Prophet likes to play.

What was The Prophet doing all these years? Was he just on the run, or was he conspiring for something even more sinister and terrorizing?

This read was with no doubt worth my time, as it was nothing like what I’ve read before.
UNSUB isn’t just another typical crime novel, and The Prophet surely isn’t just another fictional serial killer. His precision is sharp, and his endeavors are beyond expectations. With the killings he commits, he proceeds to put on a show for all the world to see on their home televisions – as the crime scene is still in motion when the Detectives arrive.
The author gives us insight on where the serial murderer comes from, and includes his point of view that features his thoughts later on in the book and only through a medium chapter, which is enough to make the reader shiver and look over their shoulder.
The ending was a definite page-turner, as the reader is not only fascinated by the outcome of the final battle between The Prophet and Detective Hendrix, but the shocking realization that is discovered afterwards.

As for Caitlin Hendrix; she’s so far one of my favorite fictional Detectives. Cait is easy to like; she’s down-to-earth and kind, and the author shows to us how her personality grows and strengthens through the tragedies that come to occur to the ones around her and the killer’s mind tricks that almost drive her to complete madness. I’m tremendously eager to read more about her and what’s in store for her in the second book.

Fans of Beukes’ The Shining Girls or readers who await for Mark Edwards’ upcoming book The Lucky Ones, will immensely appreciate this book.

***Thank you to Penguin Group Dutton and Netgalley for my copy of UNSUB in exchange for an honest and unbiased review***



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