Final Girls – RILEY SAGER


I’ve read many thrillers this year, but this one consumed me entirely. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t be wasting any time with this one.

Quincy is a Final Girl who, years ago, survived a massacre that occured in a Cabin where she went to vacation with some of her friends. Now, when another Final Girl who survived the same tragedy is found dead, Quincy receives an unexpected visit and suddenly her world turns upside down.
The killer might just be around the corner.

It is not just the smart writing and the perfect creation of the story’s characters that drew me in, but it’s also the way the author drops bombshells when you least expect them throughout the book, and also the ending that was completely satisfying. I find myself spending my non-reading time suspecting a couple of characters based on some deeply suspicious traits they were given by the writer, but the ending was something else and it turned out to be shockingly explosive.

I highly recommend Final Girls to all thriller fans. You will not regret it.

*Big thanks to FirstToRead for an advanced copy of Final Girls in exchange for an honest review*


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