The Fact of A Body: A Murder and a Memoir – ALEXANDRIA MARZANO-LESNEVICH


Never ever have I read something like this. Personally, there wasn’t a page in the book that didn’t touch me deeply.
The narrator of the story Alexandria talks about memories of her with her family from the time her father was still a government lawyer to the time where he opened his law practice after settling in a new house. And then she moves to another chapter where she speaks about Ricky Langley’s life starting with the crime he committed, where a young boy named Jeremy Guillory is the soul victim and how Ricky’s life and a whole cast of characters’ changed after that, until the last verdict is announced.

Alexandria describes every move, every reaction and emotion experienced by Ricky with a sharp analysis of the various going-ons around him. She details how Ricky continues to take multiple measures to discover who he really is and why does he does what he does, and also mentions the times when she finds it difficult to understand him in situations where he’s provoked to do and say things that are shocking and that do not sound like the Ricky she’s just starting to know. His reactions to some things strange to him are some of the daunting parts described in the whole book.

The reader later becomes acquainted with the fact that the reason for Alexandria to know more about Ricky’s case begins to alter because of the new discoveries that emphasize how the truth about this man wasn’t what it always seemed. It was much more than she ever thought.

I think fans of the true crime genre will find The Fact of A Body interesting. As you read, you may find yourself sympathizing with too many people. And at the end of the book, it is easy to instantly feel overcome with emotions.
Quite the read of the year.


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