The Revolver begins with a thrillingly atmospheric scene, where Lester Keats – a father who lost his daughter Abigail due to a traumatizing and cruel event- makes his first acquaintance with a peculiar-looking man- ‘The Nameless Man’.


Little does Lester know that The Nameless man knows everything about him, not to mention that he has the perfect cure for this poor man’s misfortunes.
‘Will Lester Keats accept this stranger’s help?’
‘Will he go through whatever it takes to right wrongs and rid himself of the guilt that is constantly haunting him, no matter the consequences?’

The author takes us on a journey where Lester begins to witness things he could never grasp, and eventually become someone he never thought he could be.

The Revolver is a clever thriller, well-written and eerily suspenseful.

***A big thank you to Peter Kim for providing me with an advanced reading copy of The Revolver in exchange for an honest review***

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