THE LIES THEY TELL – Gillian French

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The Lies They Tell is a beautifully slow-paced novel that would be especially appealing to YA readers. The story does contain an element of mystery , and you can say it’s almost in the vein of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

About six months ago, The Garrisons represented a truly flawed family– there’s cheating, bullying and a kind of injustice, before they were all shot and then taken by a fire that killed them inside their home, except for one family member who remained alive. Tristan Garrison, the son.


How that happened remains a mystery, throughout which Pearl, the protagonist, continues to gradually unravel puzzle after puzzle, leading her to the discovery of a final unsettling reveal, one that is divulged in the very last pages of the book.

The Lies They Tell is quite an entertaining quick read, and the teasingly small insights discovered throughout the book are what makes the read a page-turner. So if you think this book is up your alley, make sure you get it once it comes out on on May 1st!

***Thank you to Gillian French, HarperCollins and Edelweiss for providing me with my copy of The Lies They Tell in exchange for an honest review***

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