CROSS HER HEART – Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough is simply becoming one of my main obsessions this year.
As I leafed through the pages of CROSS HER HEART, I couldn’t help but compare this read to the author’s outstanding work on BEHIND HER EYES. They’re similar in both representing a premise featuring interpersonal relationships, and in others aspects I’d like to share with you in a moment.



Promises only last if you trust each other, but what if one of you is hiding something?

A secret no one could ever guess.

Someone is living a lie.

Is it Lisa?

Maybe it’s her daughter, Ava.

Or could it be her best friend, Marilyn?


I love how the author’s writing doesn’t alter very much from her brilliant debut. Sarah Pinborough’s books so far tackle concepts like the surplus of devotion in a friendship, she creates deeply strong characters -ones with the most manipulative minds– and a past that is so dark and meaningful that it catches up with some of them in the most intense way, resulting in quite an action-packed ending.

The characters in our current book have entirely different characteristics from the author’s debut. CROSS HER HEART, during the build up, we come to terms with the fact that everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – has a secret. Either a secret or a personality aspect that makes them dauntingly suspicious. It’s amazing you can’t stop wanting to know more and more about these people’s inner lives, which in a matter of time threaten to come to light in the shape of big bombshells throughout the book.

CROSS HER HEART is divided into three perspectives:

LISA: A mother who is haunted by a horrible past, which can’t help but heighten her anxiety and fear over the simplest things. Gets overprotective of her daughter…

AVA: a sixteen-year-old, with her own set of secrets.

MARILYN: LISA’s devoted best friend and colleague. Her marriage isn’t really what it seems. What happens behind closed doors is truly heart-thudding.

Once I got through the build-up, I could not put this book down. There were so many clever plot twists that will shock suspense readers to the core.

Such an brilliantly written novel. And oh what a perfect ending.

***A big thank you to Harper Collins and Sarah Pinborough for providing me with a copy of Cross Her Heart in exchange for an honest review***

11 thoughts on “CROSS HER HEART – Sarah Pinborough

  1. I can’t wait to read it but BookDepository still hasn’t shipped it since I ordered in May (awaiting publication it says now?!). First time ordering on BD and then this.. Anyway it sounds awesome.. we know that she can write a killer twist so I’m very curious!

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    1. Oh yes, the author is SO very good at this genre. I’ve also ordered a Ruth Ware book at BD a few months ago and I still haven’t received anything lol. I hope you’ll get to read this book soon! Always looking forward to your feedback 😊

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