Thrillers To Read On Halloween Night

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with a good thriller on a chilly Halloween night?

Here are some spooky suggestions on what to read…
I ALWAYS FIND YOU – John Ajvide Lindqvist

I ALWAYS FIND YOU is a Swedish horror novel that I was completely intrigued by. It’s divided into three parts. The first third is mainly dedicated to the events and struggles leading up to the day where John Lindqvist (the author himself) got the urge to start writing horror stories; like getting a place of his own in a courtyard in Luntmakargatan 14 in Stockholm, endeavoring to win in the Nordic Championships and especially John’s desire to make his living as a magician.
But John knows that the only way the inspiration for his writing could begin was to reach out to his childhood demons.
Inside the book, the reader is given actual passages from the horror story that he’s writing.
What is most frightening in this read, among other scenes, were the consecutive mysterious phone calls. that John keeps getting from an elusive caller asking for a man he thinks he lives in John’s home. There’s also something both terrifying and beautiful in the way the author describes his emotions, thoughts and the heart-thudding events that are slowly haunting his life. Things get darker with every page and then you can’t help but wonder, ‘Is there a connection between the horror he’d witnessed in the shower room, the mysterious phone calls he keeps getting and the traumatic events he’d lived through during his childhood alongside the child in the forest?’

Like every other autumn, John Pentecost returns to the farm where he grew up in the Endlands only to find that his grandfather – The Gaffer – had died. Each year, in order to keep the sheep safe from the Devil, redraws the boundary lines of the village with pen and paper. But as the farmers bury the Gaffer, they begin to wonder whether they let the Devil in after all.
This is definitely one of those moody slow-paced reads that I love, where the suspense element is absolutely engaging.
JAR OF HEARTS – Jennifer Hillier

Jar of Hearts is about a girl named Geo who, for fourteen years, kept a horrible secret from the world: her high school boyfriend is the infamous serial killer (also known as The Sweetbay Strangler) who murdered her former best friend Angela in the most gruesome way.
Fourteen years later, while Geo was doing her time, she finds out The Sweetbay Strangler escaped from prison, and dead bodies start to show up, in the same frightening way Angela was found killed years ago.
This book has all kinds of dark and nasty bundled within its page and for some twisted reason, that’s just the kind of read I love being invested in, and that keeps me deeply engaged. It’s a brilliant work of fiction that perfectly portrays how one’s past can influence their future in the most unexpected way possible.
The ending was intensely action-packed, and the readers will find themselves feeling breathless leafing through the final pages – which is a highly sought-out effect when diving into a cleverly-written work of crime fiction such as this one.
BLOOD UPON THE SNOW – Hilda Lawrence

Mark East is a private detective who takes a job as secretary to an archeologist, Joseph Stoneman. But it’s his talent at detecting that is really needed. Mr. Stoneman’s estate is quite large and there are several people staying there. A snowstorm isolates them from any outside contact … and the occupants start dying.
Do you guys have any additions to this list? Please share them in the comments!


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