“I wish I hadn’t looked. I wish I had never seen any of this.”

THE HUNTING PARTY (Out on Jan 24th) grabbed my attention from the very start; we’re ambushed by the heart-thudding fact that SOMEONE IS DEAD.

Who’s the victim?

Who are the remaining guests?

We have no idea.

What peaked my interest in the beginning of the book is the captivating remote landscape of the Scottish Highlands. What better place to set a suspenseful plot than in a massive Estate surrounded by mountain peaks with a view over the sea, where a blizzard hits, a murder occurs and NO ONE COULD GET IN. OR OUT?

Everyone has a secret that they’re not sharing with the rest of the group. And it’s fascinating how these characters’ personalities sort of alter throughout the incredibly short timeline between the day of their arrival and the present day. It makes you wonder, “are these the same people I read about only a while ago?” And the more you read about the guests of the Lodge, especially the ones you find yourself rooting for, you become skeptical about their intentions and trustworthiness.

The build-up was so entertaining that, at times, I found myself oblivious to the fact that a mystery is waiting to be unraveled.
The present day is where the level of suspense is ratcheted up, and the narrator of this timeline gets more and more interesting with every chapter. Do we trust her version of events? Is she a reliable character?

When I got to the third part of the book, I was completely glued to the pages, and couldn’t bring myself to look away until the shocking final discoveries were divulged.

I urge you to pick up a copy of this book. Also, The Hunting Party is a murder mystery that is optioned for film!

***Thank you to HarperCollins UK, Abbie Salter and Lucy Foley for providing me with a copy of The Hunting Party in exchange for an honest review***

9 thoughts on “THE HUNTING PARTY – Lucy Foley

  1. OK, that got me! I love the Scottish Highlands, and “can’t get out” and “one of them is the murderer” scenarios, as in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.” Will make a great movie.

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      1. So overjoyed that you love my novel! And what an enthusiastic review! I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be posting it to all my social media sites. I’ll be following your reviews for new reads. Hugs. Val

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