LITTLE VOICES – Vanessa Lillie

“Loud voices, a double beep, flatline again. You’ll finally get what you deserve.”
Little Voices is a political thriller/murder mystery about a former female prosecutor who’s set on finding her close friend’s killer. However, this woman is now going through postpartum depression which is manifesting itself as a series of scary little voices in her head, telling her the vilest things. 

Are these voices helping her, or leading her down a dark path?

I was getting skeptical of where this book was going, considering this isn’t the type of thriller I normally dive into – a political/legal one – and therefore the political jargon (money laundering, big fish, etc) was making me nervous at first, but the elusive/manipulative side of the political world ended up being quite an interesting journey to experience. 

Most importantly, I found myself invested in Devon’s character. I was rooting for her all the way through. Her character is compelling and very well-developed, with an unimaginably harrowing, dark past. I’m always drawn to that particular aspect. 

I usually like my protagonists female and strong, and this was exactly what the author delivered. Devon actually reminded me of the show Scandal‘s main character, and readers who’ve enjoyed that series will devour this book. 

Though through the end, it becomes clear that it’s less about the politics and more about Devon’s personal life – something horrifying is happening all throughout the book and we are not aware of what that is until the end. What do those voices mean?

That reveal was both unexpected and heart-wrenching. 

The book ends with a clever family twist and then a final confrontation that left me on edge. This was a very well done debut, and I’m certainly looking forward to see what the author comes up with next.

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