What Rose Forgot – NEVADA BARR

“Wind takes all that is left of Rose, trailing it in pale blues and pinks and golds. Then all of it is gone. Rose is gone.”
What Rose Forgot is a fun mystery you can easily fly through, with a protagonist that’s very reminiscent of Miss Marple – the book did feel like an Agatha/Marple mystery with the exception that there was more focus on Rose’s attempt at survival, which was such an entertaining journey to witness, and less introduction of the suspects, which made it even more challenging to recognize the culprit. 

How did Rose end up waking up in the middle of the woods?

How did she get there?

Why has she been committed to a Medical Care Unit for Alzheimer’s?

I never thought diving into the mind of a 68-year-old woman would be that much fun until I stumbled upon this book. I fell in love with Rose’s character; everyone is trying to convince her that she’s crazy but little do they know she’s got many tricks up her sleeve.

What’s also caught my attention was the lyrical, poetic style of writing. From the start, we can feel we’re in for a fast-paced, action-packed ride, and I absolutely enjoyed the adventurous feel to the mystery.

I think What Rose Forgot is a fresh and successful deviation from the author’s Anna Pigeon series, and I’m looking forward to what she writes next. 

***Thank you to Nergalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of What Rose Forgot in exchange for an honest review***

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