THE ISLAND – Ragnar Jonasson


“Now that she was here, there seemed nothing particularly safe about being ashore on this unbelievably uninhabited island. How she wished she’d never let herself be tricked into coming here. How on earth would it all end?”
The Island is the second installment in the Hidden Iceland series, following Book 1 – The Darkness. In this second book, it’s evident that Ragnar hasn’t lost his skill to keep the reader invested in a story. On the contrary, The Island surpasses the gripping effect that The Darkness has by thrusting the creep factor in the early pages, which was enough to get me hooked and leave me anticipating how the story evolves. 

Only Ragnar Jónasson could make the beautiful Icelandic landscape look so sinister, and the fact that murder in Iceland is rare successfully adds to the suspense. The book contains short chapters, which I always appreciate considering it helps me fly through a book in a very entertaining way. 

By far, Hidden Iceland is my favorite launch from the author and I’m very anxious to see where he takes Detective Hulda next. 

***Thank you to Minotaur Books for providing me with a copy of The Island in exchange for an honest review***

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