Robyn Harding has got our backs this summer, and THE ARRANGEMENT (July 30th) will successfully meet your thrill-aholic needs. Boy, was it an entertaining read. It was so much fun to learn about and be educated on sugar daddy/baby relationships – which just sound both exciting and terrifying to me. 

Per her friend’s suggestion, art student Natalie (Nat) agrees to find herself a sugar daddy – the only way to put an end to her financial struggles. When she meets Gabe, she knows – he’s the perfect match. But things take a dark turn, when Nat realizes…she’s falling in love with him, and in the following days, someone will end up DEAD.

This novel also discusses narcissism, features women coming together, parent-child relationships and what it’s like to put your life at risk in order to survive. I’m usually obsessed with plots where extramarital affairs end in murder (Basic Instinct, Body Heat, Jagged Edge, etc) so The Arrangement, being as seductive and engrossing as it was, felt like an absolute necessary read for me. Just grab a snack, a cool drink and devour the heck out of this book.

*** Thank you to Gallery Books for providing me with a copy of The Arrangement in exchange for an honest review ***

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