July’s Hottest Thriller Releases

July is finally here! If you’re a thriller addict, you’re definitely in luck – the hottest thrillers of the year are releasing this month! Looking for your dose of endless suspense? Look no further, these badass authors have got you covered.

THE TWO LILA BENNETTS – Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Release Date: July 23rd

Summary: Lila’s life is split in two, because of a bas decision that she’s made. In one life, Lila is captured in a cell and has to investigate the identity of her kidnapper while attempting to survive – how does her captor know so much about her? In her other life, Lila believes she’s being stalked. Is she, or is she just being paranoid?

My thoughts: This was one of the first books that completely surprised me this year – in the best way. The concept is original, and when this awesome female author duo endeavored to construct it, it just…worked. This was an instant 5-star read for me; it’s boundary-breaking and memorable.

GRETCHEN – Shannon Kirk

Release Date: July 23rd

Summary: Lucy and her mother have been on the run for thirteen years. When they settle at an isolated, fortresslike house, Lucy befriends the owner’s daughter – Gretchen, who’s the same age as her. But Gretchen and her father have secrets of their own—and an obsession with puzzles that draws Lucy into a terrifying new game of hide-and-seek. Lucy’s dark past is about to come calling. And this time, for her and her mother in the house on the hill, it might be too late to run

My thoughts: No words. No words! I’ve had the pleasure to read both this book + the author’s debut. Just like Gillian Flynn is the queen of “disturbing”, Shannon Kirk is the queen of “insane and creepy“. The debut – In The Vines – was completely crazy. The author knows how to create a deranged character and make them blend flawlessly into an unsettling, cinematic storyline. Her writing style definitely stands out. I’d follow this author anywhere.

A STRANGER ON THE BEACH – Michele Campbell

Release Date: July 23rd

Summary: Caroline is reveling in her perfect life – a beautiful beach house, a loving family – until one day she discovers that her husband is cheating on her, so she turns to Aidan – the stranger on the beach, with whom she has a brief fling that means nothing to her. Aidan, however, is not letting go. His obsession with her and the house grows more and more disturbing, but how could this escalate to her being accused of her husband’s murder?!

My thoughts: Nothing is as it seems. I’m a sucker for concepts like this, when you read a book and you think you know what’s going on, but you don’t. I don’t know how Michele Campbell did it, creating a clever combination of atmospheric elements, and using the ridiculously-contradictory POVs of the Woman and the Stranger to conclude our suspicions with a jaw-dropping twist.


Release Date: July 30th

Summary: Per her friend’s suggestion, art student Natalie (Nat) agrees to find herself a sugar daddy – the only way to put an end to her financial struggles. When she meets Gabe, she knows – he’s the perfect match. But things take a dark turn, when Nat realizes…she’s falling in love with him, and in the following days, someone will end up DEAD.

My thoughts: Hmmm. Sugar daddy/baby relationships? Affairs? Character twists? Revenge? Yes, please! This was a…delicious thriller – a “It’s all fun and games until someone ends up dead” kind of thriller. Absolutely the perfect beach read. The Arrangement is seductive and engrossing. This was my very first read by Robyn Harding, and I’m definitely adding her to my auto-read author list.

THE ESCAPE ROOM – Megan Goldin

Release Date: July 30th

Summary: Four coworkers are called to a last-minute meeting on a Friday night at the office building without any further explanation. Once inside the building’s elevator, frighteningly odd things start to happen and moments later, they all look up to see a message that reads, “WELCOME TO THE ESCAPE ROOM. YOUR GOAL IS SIMPLE. GET OUT ALIVE.”

My thoughts: This one reeks of unlikeable characters. The Escape Room is a fun, quick read about four people that get stuck in an elevator. The book goes three months prior to one of the firm’s former employees, Sara Hall, who begins to dig deep to unravel the mystery behind the strange accidents that are happening in the office building where she works. There’s a cool final twist, and the book wraps up with a perfect, satisfying ending.

Do you see any of your most anticipated reads here, fellow readers? What are most excited to read this month? Thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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