LOVE, HEATHER – Laurie Petrou

“No one knows what is going on in anyone’s home, in anyone’s school, in anyone’s heart. Everything okay? We pack our lunches and go to school and spend all our waking hours pretending that nothing is happening, to us or anyone else. And then, sometimes, we get a nice, cool afternoon, where we watch TV or hang out by the lake, and maybe it is all okay, just for then, just for that time.”

Stevie and and Lottie have been friends for forever, but S can’t deny the tension that’s been growing between them over the last few days. Something is going on and she knows it. Why does Lottie seem so…distant? What is everybody not telling her?

Stevie only intends to do good, but her next move is met with brusk critcism and bullying from evil teenagers of Woepine High School. Suddenly, things get out of control. And S’ life is changed forever. 

This book discusses powerful topics, including mental health. The plot takes on a darker form 3 quarters in, where a big, crazy twist occurs and changes everything – you realize what the story is actually about and would then want to re-read the book all over again from a fresh, understanding perspective. 

This book is rare on so many levels I feel like both teens and adults (parents and nurturers especially) should read it. Everything has consequences. Be careful what you say to others. In some, it might be triggering in small, temporary doses. In others, it will manifest itself in the darkest, most monstrous way. There was so much pain and power in this book. The teen in me felt fury and frustration along with Stevie’s journey.

“Look at Heathers, for example. I mean, it’s hard to know who to root for, isn’t it?”

All seriousness aside, this was a page-turner. I even surprised myself by devouring this in two sittings. Every chapter is like an itch that makes you want to know what happens in the one that follows. 

LOVE, HEATHER is a profoundly touching story that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. Instant five stars. You will not regret reading this one.

***Thank you to Crooked Lane Books for providing me with a copy of Love, Heather in exchange for an honest review***

4 thoughts on “LOVE, HEATHER – Laurie Petrou

  1. I received an ARC of this too and read it in a couple of sittings as well! I too was so frustrated and sad reading it due to the characters around Stevie and how they were just mistreating her. It was quite shocking at times but believable too. Thanks for sharing your brilliant review – you phrased it all so well.


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