I KILLED ZOE SPANOS: Kit Frick’s Highly Anticipated Novel Is Set To Blow YA Mystery Readers’ Minds

”But there are some secrets—my secrets—that Windermere will hold forever, trapped beneath the ash like spilled blood.”

This was a creatively-crafted mystery about a girl who moves to the Hamptons in order to start a nannying job, only to find out that the town is on edge over the disappearance of another girl who looks exactly like her.

What’s going on?

Just the fact that the author had thought of such a unique premise is mind-blowing. And all throughout the book, you can sense author’s confidence as she lulls you into this world of lies and secrets, where two girls’ lives become entangled in the most sinister way.

Something happened to Zoe Spanos when she went missing on New Years Eve, and Anna – our main character – has to find out what happened. As the days pass by, she starts developing an obsession for a podcast dedicated to the missing girl, called “Missing Zoe”.

What was most spine-chilling about the storyline are the dreams/nightmares that our main character was having about the victim – I couldn’t get enough of those parts. They were written beautifully and in a way that will make you shiver.

In a nutshell, I can describe I Killed Zoe Spanos as a modern, podcast-inspired YA adult version of Du Maurier’s Rebecca, taking place in a captivating setting that makes the story even more appealing to follow. Mark your calendars, fellow readers: June 2nd. I Killed Zoe Spanos is a must-read for admirers of YA mysteries.

6 thoughts on “I KILLED ZOE SPANOS: Kit Frick’s Highly Anticipated Novel Is Set To Blow YA Mystery Readers’ Minds

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    YA books have become some of the best-written novels, bar none.
    I want to include a few YA thrillers on my review blog and that means I will feature other reviewers who have my respect and do their homework. Oh, and know how to write! Ludwig’s reviews are some of the best. Besides, I like hanging with my fellow tea drinkers.


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