LAST ONE TO LIE by J. M. Winchester: A 2020 Must-Read For Thriller Addicts

Rating: 4.5 stars.

“When will I learn?”

My head is spinning! And, for me, that’s always a good sign of an excellent thriller. Last One To Lie by J. M. Winchester is wicked and CRAZY. Kelsey is just about to pick up her daughter from day care when they inform her that there is no record of her little girl ever being there, then she phones her husband at the school where he teaches, only to find out that – yep, you guessed it – he. never. worked. there!

I enjoyed how the relationship between the protagonist and the detective offers intense Basic Instinct vibes (yes, there were definitely some erotic moments in the story). We follow the narrative through both of their perspectives. 

The author maintains intrigue in every. single. chapter. Our main character has an incredibly dark, ugly past. And she’s definitely hiding something. The detective is even more frustrated and shocked with how the case is unfolding. A case that’s almost impossible to solve.

And just when the main questions are officially answered towards the end, there comes an even bigger mystery to unravel. Someone is lying. The other is telling the truth. The final pages get twistier than ever. 

Warning: this book will mess with your head, and you’ll find yourself holding your breath once you get to the final line. I definitely recommend this and will be impatiently waiting for the author’s next book.

You can now Pre-order or Add this book to your TBR!

How does this book sound to you, fellow readers? Are you familiar with this author’s debut “All The Lovely Pieces“? Would you recommend it?


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