Review: DEFENDING JACOB by William Landay


In this soon-to-be-adapted, intense courtroom thriller, a couple’s teenage son is accused of killing his 14-year-old classmate. Is Jacob capable of murder?

At first, I thought this book would end like any other legal thriller – maybe with a cunning twist after reaching the final verdict – but the ending of Defending Jacob goes way beyond that, answering two of our most burning answers (regarding the case) in the final chapter with an explosive conclusion. It was dark and completely realistic. I’ve always wondered what one would do in Jacob’s parents’ situation. Wow.

However, it wasn’t just the ending that surprised me; it was so interesting to see that even though this story highly relies on courtroom scenes, the author incorporates the powerful bond within the Barber family, emphasizing that this story remains 100% a family matter in its core. Jacob’s parents are put in such ugly positions: There are raw moments of doubt over their son’s innocence, shocking secrets are being revealed and, without spoiling anything, we’re shown what exactly is like being the parent of a child who’s accused of murder. A powerful story, and an equally-powerful ending!

Is Defending Jacob on your TBR, fellow bookworms? If you’ve already read it, what were YOUR thoughts on it?

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