His & Hers by Alice Feeney: Review


“…this is more than just a coincidence – I don’t believe in those. An overwhelming sense of panic starts to take over, spreading through my body, making it difficult to move or breathe. I need to get out of here.”

Alice Feeney is not playing games this year. There’s just something about her books that makes me end up reading them in a single sitting. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride with His And Hers: Nothing is predictable hereHow did Detective Jack end up being a suspect in his own murder investigation? What is it that led Anna to return to her hometown and cover the murder of her childhood friend?

The killers in Feeney’s thrillers are always terrifyingly good at hiding their tracks. This is not the kind of book where you just need to know how it ends; it actually keeps ambushing you with numerous, shocking twists along the way. The last third is not just packed with more twists, but there’s also an accompanying sense of unease that makes you go, “Oh my God, something’s happening, but what the heck is happening?!!

And with that last sentence, everything clicked. It all made sense then. This author is never afraid to “go there”. I don’t know how to describe it but, that revelation? It was evil, and perfect.

In the acknowledgements, the author mentions how it’s hard to pick a favorite book but that she’s rather very “fond of this one”, and I feel like I am, too. The concept behind this story is really fascinating if you look at it from a new perspective once you finish reading. Also, Anna was fantastic; she is flawed in every way, and I loved the author’s thorough exploration of her character.

“But then the sound started to change, translating into words inside my head, repeating themselves over and over…Kill them all. Kill them all. Kill them all.”

Is this one on your TBR, thriller addicts? Does it sound up your alley?

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