The 3 Best Riley Sager Books, Ranked (1.99£-2.99£ today)

I always find it challenging to pick a favorite book by this author because everything he writes has that thrilling sense of adventure combined with a deliciously addictive and gripping atmosphere that always makes his work stand out. And good news, all of these titles are on sale today in the UK!!

Final Girls

Ten years ago, college student Quincy Carpenter had run bleeding through the woods to escape Pine Cottage (where she was supposed to vacation with her friends) and the man she refers to only as Him. But then the first Final Girl is found dead in her bathtub, so now Quincy must try to remember what really happened at Pine Cottage all those years ago.

Impressive writing, a meticulously-plotted creation of the story’s characters, with several bombshells dropped all throughout the book, especially when you least expect them. The reveal of the killer’s identity was so clever; I did not see it coming!

Last Time I Lied

This book introduces us to Emma Davis, who was once a first-time camper at Nightingale Camp where she’d shared a cabin with three other teenage girls. They used to play a game called Two Truths And A Lieuntil the girls disappeared without a trace. But now Nightingale Camp has reopened and Emma considers this as an opportunity to go back as a counselor and find out what really happened to those girls…

I have to say, this book was incredibly engrossing, unputdownable and also filled with chilling unexpected twists! When I got to the third part of the book, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It was filled with a non-stop claustrophobic feel in a way you might feel like retreating for a couple of minutes. The very last twist will rock you!!

Lock Every Door

What would you do if you were offered twelve thousand dollars to just…stay at an apartment for three months?

Jules accepts her new job as an apartment sitter in a mysterious building in Manhattan. But something is not quite right here; her suspicions are soon confirmed when a fellow apartment sitter goes missing. It becomes clear that escaping might not be an option.

Couldn’t stop turning the pages with this one. Many shocking twists and turns accompanied by the creep factor with a dash of gothic suspense. And I felt fully invested in Jules’ journey as she unraveled the Bartholomew’s dark past and her POV flowed between past and present – where she’s in the process of recovering from a horrible accident.

PS: Riley is out with another thriller called Home Before Dark, which will definitely appeal to fans of horror thrillers and haunted house stories!

What about you? Which Riley Sager thriller is your favorite?

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