Kindle Daily Deals: Thriller/Mystery (US)

Hello thriller addicts! Today’s Kindle Deals are here!! I made sure to compile the ones that I found completely addictive and entertaining (and at times, jaw-dropping) back when I read them, so for each title I’ll be writing a small summary and a mini-review that accompanies it. Let’s explore these picks, fellow readers!

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

A couple adopts a disturbed 6-year-old girl in The Perfect Child. Disturbing. Original. Mind blowing edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller!! The final reveal will leave you frantically turning the pages.

Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza

Kate was the original killer’s intended victim 15 years ago. Now a new killer is about to finish the job. A brilliant, engaging, chilling police procedural where you slowly get immersed in the story, the characters and the Nine Elm Killer’s twisted mind.

Unspeakable Things by Jess Lourey

Children go missing and come back violent in this story that is based on true events. You can expect a sense of unease all throughout the book and a couple of disturbing elements that I think will provoke strong and possibly-polarized reactions from readers.

Saving Meghan by D. J. Palmer

A daughter is suffering from an unexplained illness and doctors think her mother is hurting her. Is this Münchausen syndrome by proxy or something more sinister? This book was intense, action-packed and once it gets started on the heart-pounding suspense from the first chapter, it never lets up. The finale is just more page-turning goodness as the characters start to get daring and reckless!!

Little Voices by Vanessa Lillie

A woman is giving birth when she learns of her friend’s murder. She investigates while haunted by scary voices caused by postpartum depression. This one was different. It’s a psychological/political thriller with a heartbreaking twist. A really interesting debut!

I Dare You by Sam Carrington

Two girls went out to play. Only one returned, claiming she saw a man “Bill” take her friend away. After years in prison, Bill comes back for revenge. I enjoyed this so much!! Very clever and filled with twists I didn’t coming that I couldn’t resist reading it in one sitting!!

The following titles I have not read yet but are definitely on my soon-TBR:

Have You Seen Me by Kate White

A journalist enters her office where she works when her boss informs her that she hasn’t worked there in five years. She slowly comes to terms that she might’ve lost her memory, and has possibly experienced a dissociative state after a mysterious accident.

The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood

A 3-year-old identical twin goes missing. 12 years later, people are gathering for her father’s funeral. This is said to be Marwood’s best novel!

See any titles you’re interested in reading, folks? Any that you’d read and enjoyed?

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