Review: Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton

This is it. This is the best, craziest, most unpredictable, jaw-dropping mystery I’ve read this year. You ever read a synopsis and think, “Wow, this sounds amazing but I’m not sure it will deliver”? Well, Sharon Bolton does not just deliver with Daisy In Chains – she offers an original plotline, challenges your expectations and leaves you dumbfounded by the time you reach the finale!!

A handsome surgeon is facing four counts of abduction and murder, and he will only talk to one particular lawyer, named Maggie Rose; who’s also a true-crime author. But Maggie only takes cases she will win. Will she take his?

The story is occasionally told through letters, psychiatric reports and draft snippets of the lawyer’s true-crime novel based on the surgeon’s case…all of these just made the story much more addicting and special. And that explosive ending, phew!! It was pure insanity. Guys, this is *absolutely* worth reading.

This is my very first read by Ms Bolton and I’m currently reading Blood Harvest by this author, which is just as gripping so far. Have you read anything of Bolton’s? Which of her books would you recommend?

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