Kindle Deal Alert: “Call Me Evie” by J. P. Pomare (Review)

In Call Me Evie, we’re instantly plunged into a realm of domestic suspense. You read Page One and go, “Woah, what the heck is happening? I need to know what’s happening!‘ while racing through the opening scene where a man who has a teenage girl captive is forcefully shaving off her head inside an isolated cabin. However, nothing is as it seems.

This man is trying to convince Evie that she’s done something bad. Is he trying to protect her or lie to her about what happened *that night*?

The author meticulously details our protagonist Evie’s unsettling childhood and sharply portrays our protagonist her attempt to escape, in a way that makes your heart thump unstoppably all the way to the final page where, just when you think all has been revealed, the author drops the most unbelievably heart-thudding, shocking twist!!

I also need to mention that Call Me Evie is a tremendously meaningful account of all the ways a child’s psyche can be affected, in addition to the complexity of memory and trauma, and the terrifying things they’re capable of.

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