August Wrap-Up ( +Top Favorites)

Now that August is almost over, it is time to reflect on what we’ve had the opportunity to read this month. My August reads have mostly been good ones (pictured below), but there were two particular titles that absolutely blew me away.

⁃ In The Blood by Lisa Unger

“When we get to the end, I’ll tell you everything.”

In In The Blood, a young woman is hired as a babysitter to care for a disturbed 11-year-old boy, who loves to play a twisted game of clues that she feels compelled to follow and that would lead her to an unexpected discovery.

I loved this book! It’s original, dark, with a little bit of “gothic”, and almost every single character is messed up – just my kind of thriller. It makes perfect sense that this was nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards the year it was released.

It’s a bit prolonged in some parts and I found myself confused a few times when the story would alternate from present to “flashback” past in the same chapter, but mostly, the story was completely engrossing, deliciously-dark, and reads like a movie!

⁃ Believe Me by JP. Delaney

Believe Me is about a woman who’s hired to entrap men who cheat on their wives and get evidence by secretly filming their unfaithful endeavors.

I was not expecting this one to impress me the way that it did! Believe Me by JP Delaney is exactly what I’d call a “twisty” thriller. During the first few chapters, I was skeptical, but 70 pages in, it starts getting extremely twisty.

Suddenly I’m frantically turning the pages, like, “Stop messing with head, Delaney, what the heck is going on?!” There’s murder, untrustworthy characters, a blurred line between fact and fiction…and when you least expect, there’s a twist, and another twist after that.

And then the protagonist is suddenly trapped in a twisted circle of “Paranoia vs Reality”: Nothing is making sense; and that’s when the author incorporates authentic psychological suspense, and *believe me* (pardon the pun) when I tell you that you’re not going to want to put this book down at this point; you know you have no choice but to keep going…racing towards the end where Delaney catches us off guard with the most unexpected twist!

What were your favorite reads this month, fellow readers?

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