Review: One By One by Ruth Ware

As someone’s who’s tremendously enjoyed the stellar The Woman In Cabin 10 and The Turn Of The Key, I couldn’t wait to dive into Ruth Ware’s upcoming release, One By One (Sep. 8th).

This mystery revolves around a group of tech company employees who gather at an isolated chalet surrounded by snow, only to find out later on that…there’s a murderer amongst them. The story is told through the POVs of the the host and one of the employees.

I would describe One By One as a longer, modern version of And Then There Were None, with fewer twists. I thought there would be a more satisfactory twist at the end, but I found myself completely underwhelmed when the perpetrator’s identity was revealed.

While I loved the choice of the secluded setting and the atmospheric element, I was let down by the fact that this book completely lacked the author’s signature writing style. However, I did appreciate how – at the end – Ware put emphasis on the fact that evil is not all black and white, which – although not a totally unique element – did give the reveal a bit more meaning.

In a nutshell, I would recommend One By One to admirers of Lucy Foley and readers who are looking for a quick whodunnit mystery.

9 thoughts on “Review: One By One by Ruth Ware

  1. Thanks, Ludwig, for the honest review. Authors are expected to pump out books by the publishers. We’re not factories, so sometimes we push out one that’s not up to our full creative potential. I’d rather they didn’t do this, but that’s the publishing game.

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  2. I also didn’t care for this book much. I think the author should stick with the modern updating of gothic tales like her last book, The Turn of the Key. I loved that one! This one had big shoes to fill, which it failed to do effectively.

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