Review: One By One by Ruth Ware

As someone’s who’s tremendously enjoyed the stellar The Woman In Cabin 10 and The Turn Of The Key, I couldn’t wait to dive into Ruth Ware’s upcoming release, One By One (Sep. 8th).

This mystery revolves around a group of tech company employees who gather at an isolated chalet surrounded by snow, only to find out later on that…there’s a murderer amongst them. The story is told through the POVs of the the host and one of the employees.

I would describe One By One as a longer, modern version of And Then There Were None, with fewer twists. I thought there would be a more satisfactory twist at the end, but I found myself completely underwhelmed when the perpetrator’s identity was revealed.

While I loved the choice of the secluded setting and the atmospheric element, I was let down by the fact that this book completely lacked the author’s signature writing style. However, I did appreciate how – at the end – Ware put emphasis on the fact that evil is not all black and white, which – although not a totally unique element – did give the reveal a bit more meaning.

In a nutshell, I would recommend One By One to admirers of Lucy Foley and readers who are looking for a quick whodunnit mystery.

9 thoughts on “Review: One By One by Ruth Ware

  1. I also didn’t care for this book much. I think the author should stick with the modern updating of gothic tales like her last book, The Turn of the Key. I loved that one! This one had big shoes to fill, which it failed to do effectively.

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