10 Perfect Thrillers To Curl Up With This Fall

⁃ The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard

Your Autumn “to-be-read” list would not be be complete without the spectacular, “The Nothing Man”. Inspired by I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, this psychological thriller is one heart-thudding, anxiety-inducing ride you do not want to miss.

“Nothing Man Case Reopened In New Book.”

In The Nothing Man, we are sucked back into the early hours of January 14, 2000. A woman named Eve Black had survived her family’s massacre when she was 12. For some reason, the creepy, masked serial killer decided to single her out as the sole survivor of the Black family murder. Why? So now she has written a true-crime memoir about her family’s killer in hopes of leading the police to his identity. When the killer finds out about the book, he is enraged. He needs to read it in order to plot his next move, but Eve is already one step ahead of him. The question is, who will catch who first?

The book alternates between the killer’s POV and Eve’s true-crime memoir that he’s reading: The Nothing Man. So if you’re a fan of that book-within-book element, you’re in for a treat. And I appreciate that the author, instead of turning the book into a police procedural, focused primarily on the cat-and-mouse chase between these two characters and their sides of the story.

There’s a terrific twist at the end, which leads to a solid, suspenseful conclusion!

⁃ His And Hers by Alice Feeney

This particular psychological thriller is like no other; the twists and mystery within it – surrounding an elusive string of murders – will give you serious chills. And you will not be able to guess what’s going on until you reach the explosive finale. So make sure you have a tea or coffee mug that’s large enough to get you through His And Hers in a single sitting!

This book basically broke the record for MOST twists; after every few chapters, there’s a twist that makes you gasp. Feeney’s to provide twisty psychological suspense is absolutely incomparable.

A detective finds himself a suspect in his own murder investigation, and a woman must return home after the murder of her childhood friend. What the heck is going in? The final reveal is just so clever!

⁃ The Turn Of The Key by Ruth Ware

What better way to spend an autumnal night than with a gothic and chilling retelling of The Turn Of The Screw?

No one writes a twist like Ruth Ware.If you love horror-inspired, creepy-home-based thrillers, or just someone who’s enjoyed Ruth Ware‘s books in the past, you’re in for a treat in The Turn Of The Key. In a nutshell, the book is in the form of a letter where a nanny is writing to an attorney, pleading with him to see that she’s innocent – she certainly did not kill that little girl. Or did she?

Suspense builds progressively in the first half of the book, providing us with many chilling moments once protagonist Rowan settles in at the Heatherbrae house for her job as a nanny – the spookiness is real: there are creaking sounds above her room, her belongings are going missing, and the house itself has a spooky history – one that will keep you up at night, turning the pages until you’ve reached the last. So. Dang. Good!

⁃ The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The primary scene where it snows drastically as the protagonist (and psychologist) arrives at the psychiatric ward where the “silent patient” would be treated, makes this book an authentic autumn thriller.

The Silent Patient is an entertaining, stay-up-all-night mystery debut. The plot and the setting and the main characters’ backstories all played a part in keeping me engrossed in this tangled mystery where a psychotherapist feels compelled to treat and investigate a woman who shot her husband and refuses to speak again.

The twist towards the end is surprising and might even make you gasp! I applaud the author for writing a tremendously compelling and gripping debut.

⁃ No Exit by Taylor Adams

You can probably tell from the cover that this is the perfect Fall read. In the comfort of your own warm reading spot, you’ll be meeting a group of strangers – whose encounter is under the most mysterious circumstances – and seeing how they’ll be able to save an abducted child, and at the same time, survive the blizzard – and the unknown killer among them – in the spectacular and twisty, No Exit.

Four strangers are trapped inside a rest stop during a snow blizzard, and one of them is a psychopath. It’s up to Darby to uncover which one has a kidnapped child inside their vehicle.

Where did the kidnapped child come from? What is the perpetrator planning to do with her? What I love about No Exit is that it picks up from the get-go: it’s action-packed, suspenseful and twisty as heck; which makes it the ultimate psychological thriller. I fell in love with the main character Darby from page One and I didn’t realize I’ve been holding my breath until I turned the last page because I needed to know what’s going on. This was a wild ride!

⁃ Theme Music by Marie Vandelly

Another perfect-for-Fall psychological thriller that’s induced with the right dose of horror and “crazy”.

From Dixie’s recollection, this is the house where her father grabbed an axe and massacred her family at the breakfast table as Badfinger’s Baby Blue played in the background.
Little does she know that coming back to her childhood home, twenty five years later, will dredge up sinister memories and, most importantly, the awful truth of what really happened on the day of her family’s massacre.

The horror element explains the aftermath of our heroine’s past trauma and how it psychologically affects her in the present. What is also interesting is the horror of the ways Dixie’s guilt -as to her father singling her out as the sole survivor of her family’s murder – manifested itself. I’ve seen my share of horror movies, but this book went beyond; what’s more terrifying than our worst nightmares infiltrating themselves into our real lives?

⁃ Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

This podcast mystery brims with atmosphere and intrigue as it follows the elusive story of a 7-year-old boy who vanished in 1988 in a forest that is known for its supernatural tales.

Podcast producer Scott King has always known about this case, but he hasn’t brought himself to discuss it on his podcast until he receives a mysterious letter regarding this nearly two-decade-long disappearance.

Changeling gripped me from the very start, I couldn’t put it down until I discovered how the mystery at hand would unravel, and boy was I stunned. Part of the outcome did cross my mind, but it wasn’t in the way I’d expected; it was such an unexpected, gasp-worthy moment when I realized what had actually happened with the missing child!

⁃ The Woods by Vanessa Savage

If you’re looking for a thriller where the woods will give you the creeps and make you look over your shoulder with every chapter, you cannot miss The Woods by Vanessa Savage.

“Come on, she says, beckoning me into the trees. Come into the woods. Let’s finish the story. I shake my head and back away, turning and running back towards the house. No, I can’t do it. Not the woods, not the woods, never the woods.”

Vanessa Savage did a terrific job providing a spine-chilling description and an eerie feel to the woods where our protagonist’s sister Bella died 10 years ago in an “accident”. Except…Ella is now haunting her sister’s dreams, trying to convince her otherwise, willing her to “remember”…

Why do teenage girls keep getting murdered in the forest surrounding Dean House? What memory is our main character trying to expunge?

You don’t have to get to a certain page for things to get interesting; the author makes sure to entertain the reader every step of the way. And that final short chapter…it will send a chill through your spine.

I appreciated how the author flawlessly built up the sisters’ characteristics by meticulously exploring their pasts and giving them distinct voices that made them unforgettable.

⁃ The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel

There’s no denying that Amy Engel is terrific at what she does; she knows how to deliver a slow-burn mystery that’s compelling enough to keep you turning the pages while trying to guess the culprit yourself. And The Familiar Dark is an absolute “dark” one as the mystery follows a mother’s worst nightmare…the moment she’s told that her daughter had been murdered. Prepare for a gripping story and a brutal, memorable ending!

⁃ The Dark Corners Of The Night by Meg Gardiner

Lock your doors. Lock your windows. And get ready to sleep with the lights on. The Dark Corners Of The Night introduces one of the most terrifying (fictional) serial killers; and the way how they operate will chill you to the bone.

Our protagonist Caitlin has a new challenge – The Midnight Man: a killer who will exceed all your expectations. Each new information that emerges about our killer is more shocking than the one that precedes it.

As always with Meg’s books, the writing is sharp, confident, doesn’t look down on the reader, and the descriptions are impressively cinematographic (the scene in the intro is a perfect example – incredibly haunting)! I thoroughly enjoyed the investigation dynamics as Cait worked with her team to understand the killer’s behaviors, and also the involvement of a genius psychiatrist (Jo) who helped put everything into perspective, like, how did she figure all that out?!

If you’re looking for a unique police procedural, or are a fan of the UNSUB series, make sure not to miss this one. Can it be read as a stand-alone? Heck yes! But given how this 3rd book ends (what the heck?!), I recommend reading the first one. Either way, you’re in for a treat!

What books are you excited to read this fall, lovely readers?

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