Review: “The Girl In The Mirror” by Rose Carlyle (out now!!)

This spectacular thriller debut comes out today!! Think of The Girl In The Mirror as a twisted version of The Last Mrs Parrish if the two female leads in it were twins, with a dash of Something In The Water; there’s indeed “something” lying at the bottom of the ocean that’s causing problems for our main protagonist…

So what is The Girl In The Mirror about? We have two identical twin sisters with the “most extreme case of mirroring the doctors had ever seen”. One of them (Iris) is insecure and envious of what her sister has: mainly, her husband Adam. So the main event is: Iris is helping her sister sail the family yacht and suddenly…she finds herself all alone: her twin just vanished in the middle of the Ocean! Where could she have gone? When Iris makes it to land, Iris allows herself to be swept up by Adam, who assumes that she is his wife.

Somewhere along this insane journey, there’s a hundred-million-dollar inheritance to be competed for. Also, just what exactly happened to her twin sister on the yacht?

This is certainly not an easy plot to concoct for a debut! I was fascinated by so many of this book’s aspects, especially these twins whom you can’t tell apart, yet their slight differences might *seriously* creep you out.

Now, what to expect from this debut? The story takes place (mostly) on a yacht. The plot builds up slowly at first while featuring the twins’ backstories. Afterwards, the action picks up, and you find yourself frantically flipping through the page because you just *have* to know what’s going to happen next. And then during the ending, where the tension and the suspense are ratcheted up: this was my favorite part.

In a nutshell, this book provides so much entertainment, and it adds the right amount of originality that just makes this a spectacular debut. I’d highly recommend this to fans of Liv Constantine and Nina Laurin.

Is The Girl In The Mirror on your TBR? Does it sound your alley?

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