Top 10 STEPHEN KING Recommendations

Confession: I’m not an avid reader of Stephen King’s books (will definitely be changing that soon!), BUT I’ve always found his recommendations stellar and on point. Almost every book that he’d recommended has been an instant 5-star read for me; so I thought I’d share these titles with you, fellow bookworms! See any titles here (click on the image below to see the full list) that you’ve read? Any that you’ve enjoyed? 📚😍

Here’s what Stephen King has to say about these books:

Behind Her Eyes: “You should read Behind Her Eyes…It’s bloody brilliant.” ―Stephen King

Sharp Objects: “An admirably nasty piece of work, elevated by sharp writing and sharper insights.”

The Shining Girls: “No, not the twins from the Kubrick movie, but the targets of a serial killer who finds a time portal in Chicago during the Depression and jackrabbits his way through recent American history, killing women and taking trophies. Until, that is, he encounters a tuff girl who’s not so easy to do away with. It’s the black-hole version of The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

Final Girls: “The first great thriller of 2017 is here: Final Girls, by Riley Sager. If you liked Gone Girl, you’ll like this”

By Reason of Insanity: “One of the finest novels ever written about perfect evil . . . I recommend it unreservedly.”

You: “Hypnotic and scary.”

Defending Jacob: “DEFENDING JACOB, the novel, is great. So are William Landay’s other two books, MISSION FLATS and THE STRANGLER. Does anyone know if he’s still writing?I’d love another one.”

And Then There Were None: “AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, byAgatha Christie. Lots of murders, but relatively bloodless. And a great mystery.”

Elevator Pitch: “Read Elevator Pitch as soon as possible. It’s one hell of a suspense novel.”

The Haunting of Hill House: “it seems to me that [The Haunting of Hill House] and James’s The Turn of the Screw are the only two great novels of the supernatural in the last hundred years.”

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