Review: “Every Vow You Break” by Peter Swanson

The Woman in Cabin 10 meets Intensity in this terrifying thriller!

If you love those “I know what I saw” kind of thrillers, you guys are in for a treat with Every Vow You Break! This one actually made me feel the terror of what it’s like to be stuck on an island filled with evil. Even though it doesn’t focus on being “twisty”, it really nails that edge-of-your-seat “what’s going to happen next?! effect. Also, the main character was clever and a badass!!

However, my one criticism is that the plot doesn’t grip you immediately, not until about a 100 pages in; the first slow-paced chapters could’ve definitely been reduced to 5-10 pages. But don’t let that deter you; when the suspense element kicks in later on, you won’t be able to put this gem down!

I think this is the first time I’ve stumbled upon a thriller where the author really knew how to use a “locked room” setting to create genuine terror, and I tremendously applaud Swanson for that!!

Have you guys read this one yet? Is it on your TBR?

4 thoughts on “Review: “Every Vow You Break” by Peter Swanson

  1. Thank you, Carla!! 😍 I think it’s gotten mixed reviews because it was different from his others. Unlike his other books, I think this one was scarier and more anxiety-inducing, which I enjoyed 🙈♥️


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