No one writes a twist like Ruth Ware.If you love horror-inspired, creepy-home-based thrillers, or just someone who’s enjoyed Ruth Ware’s books in the past, you’re in for a treat in THE TURN OF THE KEY.

In a nutshell, the book is in the form of a letter where a nanny is writing to an attorney, pleading with him to see that she’s innocent – she certainly did not kill that little girl. Or did she? 

The Heatherbrae house is the weirdest you’ve ever seen, and I love how the author put it – a house with a “luxurious split personality.” Have you ever felt like shaking a protagonist and getting her to “get the heck out of that house!!”? This is that kind of book. 

Suspense builds progressively in the first half of the book, gifting us with so many chilling moments once Rowan settles in at the Heatherbrae house for her nannying job – the spookiness is real: there are creaking sounds above her room, her belongings are going missing, and the house itself has a spooky history – one that will keep you up at night, turning the pages until you’ve reached the last. So. Dang. Good.

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Riley Sager just out here sending girls to creepy camps, spooky cabins, mysterious buildings and slaying us with yet another chilling thriller, which I hope was as fun for the author to write as it was for me to read. I love that sense of adventure in this author’s books. Riley’s girls though are not to be messed with. And Jules is no exception, she knows the truth might cost her her life and she still walked through fire. Literally.
What would you do if you were offered twelve thousand dollars to stay at a luxurious apartment for three months? 

There’s no such thing as leaving an apartment unoccupied in the Barthololew. From the start, we feel the danger that lurks in the rooms and hallways of this mysterious Manhattan building where Jules accepts her new job as an apartment sitter. Little does she know that this place has the most horrifying past, and escaping might not be an option.

I’m beginning to realize how each book this author writes has a different factor that draws me in. Final Girls had the best twist. Last Time I lied? I still memorize that final page to this day, and Vivian is a character that still stays with me. 

In Lock Every Door, I couldn’t stop turning the pages. So many shocking twists and turns. And I applaud the author for adding in the creep factor – because I just love creepy – with a pinch of gothic suspense. I felt fully addicted to and invested in Jules’ journey as she endeavored to unravel the Bartholomew’s dark past, and the suspense does not let up when we’re given occasional snippets from the present day – where the protagonist is in the hospital, in the process of recovering from a horrible accident. 

Riley Sager just knows how to create an addictive and gripping atmosphere that makes his work stand out.

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This book (out today!) has seriously made question everyone around me. I’m suddenly becoming so suspicious of my family and friends…What are their real intentions?! With The First Mistake, you’ll be diving into an unsettling journey of paranoia.
When I say that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, that means that you’ll be racing through the final pages as if your life depends on them. You will not rest until you reach the VERY last gripping line. I’ve never looked forward to an epilogue as I have with this one.

I had a guess about what was going on, but I NEVER saw that twist coming. So many dizzying reveals, each one more gasp-worthy that the last. The characters are well-developped as they are thrusted into a sharply compelling plot.

Run don’t walk, fellow readers! Sandie Jones will challenge your detective skills in this delicious psychological thriller.

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MAN OF THE YEAR – Caroline Louise Walker

“And still, in that moment, I knew that [He] saw me as fragile, which made him feel powerful, which makes him happy; and happy is easier to live with…and so I chose to sit there looking fragile, so he could recharge, so we could get back to normal.”

Damn. As someone who’s spent years with someone suffering from paranoid personality disorder, this plot was very intriguing to me. How does someone living with paranoia see you? What prompts them to act the way they do? How to act towards them? 

Robert is haunted by this obsessive idea that his son’s best friend is having an affair with his wife. The book takes us on that journey and the spotlight is shone on Robert’s way of thinking, plotting…until something terrible happens. The fear and the lies follow. Readers who loved Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith will devour Man Of The Year.

I liked this book. The first 50% was like observing a calm sea. Nothing too crazy. It picks up halfway in and the suspense increases from then on. The ending though…Who’s the culprit? That revelation, I didn’t see coming. That was a cool twist.

What I was craving more of was the wife’s POV – I started reading her part towards the end and I couldn’t get enough of her. I feel like if the author put her into a psychological thriller, it would definitely be bomb.

I love the author’s writing, especially when it comes to perfecting the perspective of each character: The paranoid husband, the frustrated wife, the nosy friends, the son…

I’ll definitely be following the author’s steps to see what she writes next.

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A missing sister. A mother searching for the truth. Psychopathic tendencies. Letters from a killer. Creepy cabins. Dark forests. Dreams. Nightmares. Blizzards. Yes, yes, yes, yes! 

When I read that this book is a hybrid between Silence of The Lambs and The Dry, I just had to dive in! Upon finishing, I’m glad to report that How Quickly She Disappears is a debut thriller where suspense successfully rivals Gillian Flynn. It had this moody, depressing atmosphere as the events took place in an isolated village in Alaska, and it just made me savor this read word for word.

Elisabeth can’t help but cling to the belief that her sister who vanished 20 years ago, is still alive. When an odd, mysterious visitor comes to her home, he tells her he knows exactly what happened to her sister. He won’t reveal this truth to her. Well, unless she fulfills his three requests.

The story shifts between the past and the present. We have enough backgrounds on both sisters Else and Jacqueline and it was so interesting to learn the way they used to live as mature 11-year-old children back in the early 1920s.  

I freaked out for a moment when I realized there were only 20 pages left. I did not want it to end. The author just knows how to portray the image of psychopathic behavior in quite a chilling way. Given that this is a debut, that fact was absolutely surprising to me. 

The ending does hint at a sequel. Until a second book arrives (fingers crossed), characters Else and Margaret will, with no doubt, stay with me. Having felt so comfortable with this author’s writing, I think it’s safe to say I’ll follow Raymond Fleischmann anywhere.

Release Date: January 14th 2020. 

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THE ISLAND – Ragnar Jonasson


“Now that she was here, there seemed nothing particularly safe about being ashore on this unbelievably uninhabited island. How she wished she’d never let herself be tricked into coming here. How on earth would it all end?”
The Island is the second installment in the Hidden Iceland series, following Book 1 – The Darkness. In this second book, it’s evident that Ragnar hasn’t lost his skill to keep the reader invested in a story. On the contrary, The Island surpasses the gripping effect that The Darkness has by thrusting the creep factor in the early pages, which was enough to get me hooked and leave me anticipating how the story evolves. 

Only Ragnar Jónasson could make the beautiful Icelandic landscape look so sinister, and the fact that murder in Iceland is rare successfully adds to the suspense. The book contains short chapters, which I always appreciate considering it helps me fly through a book in a very entertaining way. 

By far, Hidden Iceland is my favorite launch from the author and I’m very anxious to see where he takes Detective Hulda next. 

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“Nothing can scare you unless you allow it to scare you.”
The book features Angela, a woman whose investigation skills have finally led her to identify The Thief – one of Chicago’s most notorious killers; and Rory, whose father died and left her with the responsibility of handling the parole of that same killer.

I love that the author delves into various important subjects: autism, the incorrect way it used to be viewed, mental health, motherhood, and in the middle of it all, a woman’s mission to uncover a killer’s identity and meeting possible sinister repercussions because of it. 

I also loved the mystery element as Rory, in the present day, investigates her father’s connection to The Thief and the woman who disappeared all those years ago after unmasking our killer. 

Some Choose Darkness is a dang good, clever mystery/serial killer thriller that doesn’t lose its quick pace as it delivers multiple gasp-worthy twists and turns. There’s this big twist halfway through and that’s when you know you’re completely hooked. 

Make sure to get your hands on this book as soon as you can. An absolute must-read for all of you thriller readers out there! 

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